SMARDT Chillers are effective for retrofit jobs with ingress issues.

SMARDT’s unique split-vessel chillers are a very convincing solution when replacing aged chillers with difficult plant room access. Minimize both first cost and access costs by using standard doors, elevators and people.

Once factory-tested as a complete chiller, SMARDT ships each unit as a special disassembled kit. The condenser and evaporator are split in half to create two sections. These sections are pre-charged with refrigerant from the factory and only require making an oversized flanged connection with a gasket to assemble the machine.

Knock-down configurations are available to provide greater flexibility with regard to ingress of the chiller to the space. From simple compressor removal all the way to complete knock-down construction, Smardt’s design flexibility is unparalleled. Other dimensional chiller layout options include low-profile and narrow width configurations.